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Table tops that make your jaw drop

I am not kidding when I tell ya it took me an hour to go through all of the images from a jump drive my bride brought me from her wedding. Every single photo was incredible. Photographer Adam Nyholt's attention to detail is simply mesmerizing. But of all the photos, the food (which I will spare y'all and not make you drool on your keyboards) and the table tops were some of the best I have ever seen.

Jennifer and her husband gathered their closest friends and family underneath a Tyrannosaurus Rex for a night of amazing food, dancing, and Whataburger cake cutting. The Museum of Natural Science in Houston, TX is quickly climbing it's way to the top of my list for wedding venues.

In case you were not familiar with the way an artichoke looks after it flowers, look closely and you will see my very favorite reproductive system on a flowering plant. Nathan from Gro Designs, you are simply a badass my friend.

From artichokes to purple orchids, to long stem champagne flutes to dinosaurs. I can't even deal with how well Coordinator Natalie Laskowski from Belle Events pulled this whole thing together. Bravo my friend!!!

The tables were the most perfect balance of height and color, styled with a chic monochromatic color palette. These sweet little golden dinosaurs a top each setting were a genius idea to pull the concept of the Museum down to the level of the guests. Of course, I am sure their eyes were drawn to the T-Rex hovering over them as if it was sniffing the sushi and sliders on their plates, ready to pounce.

This wedding decor was just one I couldn't NOT share with you all. I hope it inspires you for your upcoming event or wedding, like it did me!

#museum #dinosaur #wedding #museumwedding #trex #artichoke #purpleorchid

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