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Want to be a glowing bride? Without irritated and textured skin?

Everyone tells you to get a spa facial the week of your wedding. That scares the crap out of me. When related to skin, I can't introduce anything new within a week of a special event in fear of a breakout or a major reaction.

Every bride wants to be a glowing on their wedding day! But why not just be a glowing "person" everyday! With products that work naturally, without harming you or your skin. This is why I created a line of plant based (most with aloe), organic, and paraben free skincare. I like to get my brides on a regimen months before their wedding to get all problem areas cleared up before the big day.

Years ago, I was tired of using skincare that burned, irritated, without any positive results. I worked at a department store and I went home weekly with something new and different to try looking for a miracle to solve my texture and redness (rosecea) issues, that didn’t burn or have perfume in it. Why was that impossible to find? So many cosmetic companies put so many floofy smells and their products to help them sell better. What about those that can’t use perfume on THEIR FACE?!

So, I just created my own... and put the ingredients in it that worked the natural way! For so many years I was convinced that if it caused cancer or burned, it probably worked really good! Ha! But I have found sometimes going back to the basics, you get better results, without destroying your skin. Mine is aloe based to calm, made with organic oils (which is what you smell), with arnica and cucumber for inflammation (puff eyes, bruises, or burns) and HA (hyaluronic acid) to bind moisture and give a glow. The rounded jojoba beads in the exfoliate lightly buff for smoother texture, instead of an apricot shell ripping the skin to shreds. I really was shocked to see how great the NATURAL way worked... and now you can barely even tell I ever had rosacea. No texture and barely any redness. ❤️❤️❤️

Its simple, doesn't cost a fortune (less than one facial) and you can do it yourself at home. My skin is now calm, and doesn't hate me for abusing it. To learn more about the basic skincare products for your skin, watch the YouTube video below.

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