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How Important Is It to Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

When was the last time you washed yours? If you whispered, "I didn't know I was supposed to," then it's time! You honestly don't want to know what's probably living inside of there, but I am about to tell you anyway. I'm just here to make you aware of what you keep reapplying on your face each day.

What I am about to tell you might make you gag, but if I don't tell you, who will? Yes, poop particles are on your makeup brushes. "How in the world?" you might add. Well, let me enlighten you. If you are one who, like myself, doesn't close the lid on the toilet every time you flush #guilty #lazy, the items you just dropped off in "the can" get transported across your bathroom. The bacteria makes it's way onto the brushes that you keep on the nearby counter, including your toothbrush. When you go to apply your makeup, all of that bacteria sitting on the brush ends up on your face.

TIP: Try keeping both your makeup brushes and toothbrush in a cabinet or drawer below. Not open to dust and poop particles that will land on them.

So lets say you are a brown noser, and you ALWAYS close the lid before you flush. Then lets talk about the afternoon touchup. As you walk through your office, think of all the people who touched that handrail or pressed the up arrow on the elevator before you did. Are you confident they all washed their hands after the bathroom? If so, don't be. Especially the boys. What about the coworker who snuck a quick flick up their nostril when they thought nobody was looking? Do you think they ran to the bathroom to wash their hands after? Probably not. Moments later, they proceed to grab that stair rail with their dirty hands right before you made your way downstairs. Later, you head back to your desk where you rest your head on your hand and gaze at your calendar to see what is next in your day. You have now transferred those booger and poop particles to your face. I know, it is gross huh? Yes, I just took it there.

Here comes 5:00pm and it's time for happy hour. You grab your brush and powder and do a quick sweep to remove that oil slick before drinks with friends. Now office Bob's poop particles and your face share a special kind of bond. Are you now beginning to see the importance of washing brushes? Even the ones in your purse you don't feel like you use often to wash.

"So do I need to wash them daily?" No, that is excessive. Once a month is my recommendation, and once a week for serious acne related issues. Most use my rule of first Sunday of the month to keep you on track. That way you never forget.

First Sunday of every month is official Brush Wash Day.

Now, to your next question. "Is Dawn dish detergent the best thing to use?" Absolutely not. Why? Because it has alcohol in it and can cause the hair on your brushes to dry out and break off as you apply your makeup. You spent way too much money on them to ruin them. Baby shampoo? No, again. As it may cleanse and hydrate your baby's hair, it does not contain a solvent that removes the makeup from the brushes. Your brushes will always look dingy.

For years, I was asked over and over by my clients what I recommended for them to buy. I was tired of having Neiman Marcus take that business when I would recommend Trish McEvoy and Bobbi Brown, so I decided to meet with a chemist and formulate my own, but better.

I wanted something that was a natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, so I chose peppermint oil. Not only did it help to clean out the cooties, it hydrated the hair AND left the brushes smelling minty clean. I knew how well the degreasing agent in Dawn worked, so I added that as well. This helped to remove all makeup so that when the brushes dried they looked like they did the day you bought them. I mostly loved the Bobbi Brown Conditioning brush cleanser, but I always wished it had more of a lather and a better way to dispense the product. So I added a lathering agent and put the solution in a bell shaped bottle with a pump for easier washing, versus a tube.

Left: Makeup brushes before cleansing. Middle: Jentry Kelley Cosmetics Hydrating Brush Cleanser.

Right: Brushes left to dry after they were cleaned by this brush wash.

Now that you know, you have no excuses. Once a month is easy. I decided to do a Sunday since most people are off, or get off early enough, to spend 5-10 minutes on this monthly chore. The brushes will take 6-8 hours to completely dry, so by Monday morning they will be ready for a fresh start to your week.

Happy brush washing!

To purchase this Hydrating Brush Cleanser click HERE.

If you are unsure how to wash your brushes, you can watch step by step in video below:

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