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Spring + Summer Essentials

Spring forward and learn about some of my spring favorites; the essential makeup items that every woman should have for the season. Get ready to "spring" into your new makeup routine.

At this point, most of us have been locked up in our homes for months and bored out of our minds. Well, not me! I have been running laps in the warehouse shipping y'alls orders! First, I would like to thank all of you for

helping me burn more calories and reaching my post baby goal weight. Secondly, for opening up your wallets and hearts, by supporting my team and I during this rough ride of Covid-19.

I was in sheer panic when we had to temporarily close our store on March 18. We were just gearing up to launch all of our Spring eyeshadows and sets, and BAM! We got an open handed smack to the face. My team and I were frantically thinking of anything we could do to keep this afloat. Each day we had to pivot and run with the things that were working. One of those things was to stay positive on social media, and continue with the launches of our new items virtually, since all of our face to face events were no longer an option. Thankfully, our governor has allowed us to open retail stores as of May 1st, but we are still offering Virtual Makeup Lessons for $25 for those who still want to stay home. If you are tired of working from home and want to try on some new items for the season, we welcome you to our super clean and hygienic makeup environment. See below for more info.

April 1st was our most exciting launch, the Secret Garden Collection! I had been planning this bag for nearly 9 months, and I was ready! The colors are so upbeat and fun to give us all a little pop of pink and sparkle that we have been needing. I have noticed on the days where I #wakeupandmakeup I just FEEL better. Because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you DO good! In reality, it's just the UPS guy and the USPS crew that get the see my lovely artwork, but taking the effort makes my day a little brighter!

You may have noticed some items in the Secret Garden Collection that you have never seen before. The first new item is a layered, customizable blush. What does that mean exactly? It comes in one compact but has four color options. Use alone or mix them all together. Some are shimmery and some are matte. If you are looking for a frosty nude you can lean more towards the bottom with the Blush Brush that is included. Get creative! Say you are feeling frisky and want to get more of a rosy look for a hot date on the couch, lean more towards the top two rows. We also launched another new and limited item in this set called the Spring Fling scroll up chubby stick and liner in one. Wear alone for a creamy matte look, or layer it with Birthday Suit Lip Gloss in the center to enhance your pout. Spring is also a time to clean your makeup drawer, which includes washing those brushes of yours. You can also enjoy a mini Hydrating Brush Cleanser, you will instantly be hooked!


Q: Am I really supposed to change my foundation color in Spring/Summer?

A: Yes! Do you want white face in photos on your beach vacay this summer?

Now it is time to talk about color matching your foundation. Did you know you are supposed to update the shade of your foundation colors per season? Yep! You are to wardrobe your makeup just like you do your clothing. You wouldn't wear a tank top you bought in June, in the middle of January, would you? So lets not bring that white face makeup into July this year.

We all see more sunlight in Spring/Summer, even if it is not intentional. 'But, but I wear SPF 50 on my face daily!" Well great for you... but we aren't matching your face when we select a primer or foundation. We match your upper chest. Did you wear SPF 50 daily there? Or on your arms? I bet your your foundation needs to be adjusted whether you laid out in direct sun by a pool, or not. You want to flow from your arms to your chest and to the face to avoid the "floating head" syndrome.

Q: Does this mean I need to change all of my makeup when I tan?

A: Not necessarily. Focus on getting the skin tone right to match your tan, and go from there.

Most importantly, update your primer, foundation, concealer, and powder around April/May, depending how much you have been outside. If there were a one size fits all makeup item for all skin tones, then cosmetic companies would only sell one shade. But when your skin darkens, your base makeup should as well to make it all cohesive. Many women are not aware they are supposed to do this! In winter they have a dark line, and summer they have white face. Get an update each time you come get a new shade. There might be something better for you as your skin changes from season to season.

As far as lips/cheeks/eyes... that's a personal preference. Some women like to keep it simple and have the same look everyday. Think Steve Jobs and that black turtleneck. It was always his go to so he never had to plan out what he was going to wear. Then, you have someone like me who likes to keep 12 lipsticks and 6 12-wells at her makeup station because I like change DAILY.

For summer I like to liven it up some! I go more sheer on my foundation when I have more of a tan, and some days just wear my Tinted Primer SPF20. It gives a more skin-like appearance outdoors, and I love the glow. For the lips, you can do more of a pop. Go for a more coral or peach/pink. Less deep purples and reds, or blue based pinks. Think warmer colors for warmer weather. Below are a few of my go-to options:

Left to right: Papa Don't Peach, Papaya Pout Gloss, and Marigold Lip Dew

For eyes we have tons of new fun colors in the mix! Go matte, go muted, or go metallic and bold! Above are some of my favorite eye looks for all levels of bravery! Need assistance with a color match? Not sure if what you are wearing is correct? Use our color matching service at the link below and a our makeup artists can assist with a virtual color match:


Ready to try on some of these pretty new colors in person, we got you! Rest assured we follow all proper hygiene standards and drench each item in alcohol before placing it back onto the until after use. We wear masks while we work, and use a new brush set before each client. If you would like to book an application or lesson in store, you can call 832-831-3456 or click below for our NEW ONLINE BOOKING SERVICE.


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