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Spring Clean 2021

Whooooo, it has been exactly one year since my last Spring Clean reminder, the week the world came to a halt. Aren't we all glad we made it through 2020, the year of hell?!

In March 2020, I recall launching my blog just days before being forced to close my business and go virtual. So many of you followed along on Instagram, bored at home, and got organized so you didn't lose your mind while stuck at home for two months. I would bet money that since the closure you haven't done much organizing. So now it's time for another overhaul in the makeup drawer and we are here to help! As of tonight, March 31st, the website will be 15% OFF through Sunday, April 4th. at 11:59pm CST. The discount will also be available in-store at participating JKC retailers including Houston Central and Memorial West. If you need and in-person overhaul, you can make an appointment by clicking here: BOOK NOW.


Last year, while blogging about organizing your beauty products and tools, I did a swipe up on these drawer organizers. I found them on Amazon, cleaned my drawers while videoing it, and included a link to buy. When I got started it looked like a bomb had gone off. It was always a struggle finding what I needed in the makeup shrapnel while trying to hurry while getting ready.

So many of our clients bought these after watching, and loved them. Also, I love that they are different sizes so I can separate my smaller items from larger items like nail polish, files, and hair combs. Every small item has its compartment.

Shawn used to call me "The Tornado" because I would leave a trail of destruction in every room that I would enter. Lately, in my closet and restroom, he is shocked at how clean and organized I have kept it. I am giving the credit to these trays. Ha! Best $22 ever spent. CLICK HERE to snag the drawer organizers.

A few years ago, these acrylic on-counter organizers for makeup became a trend. When I heard Kim Kardashian was using them, I googled the brand, and I saw it was $200-300. Ekkkkk, no way. Last year after my Spring Clean blog, I went on Amazon to see what else was available without breaking the bank. I found this one here and thought for sure it would arrive and look like complete trash for this price. Shockingly, it was EXACTLY what I wanted - the perfect size AND the ideal look for my makeup vanity. It had the perfect number of drawers for me to have Primer, Foundation, Concealer/Powder, Cheeks, Lips, and Eyes all separated. The 2020 model that I bought didn't come with the fancy lip organizer and brush holder on top, so I added my own. This new 2021 model is like the Bentley, and I'm still driving the KIA. Right now, as I am typing this, I am buying my own upgraded model now.

I am including both links below for you all to decide which option fits your needs. This way you can compare what I have now and use, versus the upgraded model you see in the photo here. As of today, Amazon still has both options in-stock.

Click to see OLD MODEL $23

Click to see NEW MODEL $27


Q: How long does a makeup item last?

A: It depends on the item and the brand. You can generally assume the shelf life on a paraben-free item (my entire brand paraben-free) is no longer than two years. Once opened and used, you can speed up the expiration time of your product. Mascara is the perfect example.

Mascara - 3 months: Out of all the cosmetic items in your makeup bag this one goes the quickest due to the cross-contamination of lash mites. Once you swipe that mascara wand onto your lashes, you begin collecting the lash mites (Demodex folliculorum). The next dip, you are placing them directly back into the tube and apply back to your lashes the next day. Within days, the lash mites begin to lay their eggs and feed on the cells inside the hair follicle. I know, gross, right? I hate to say it, but we all have them. But if I don't tell you, who will? You can keep them under control to prevent an infestation, causing blepharitis (itchy, flakey, swollen eyelids), by properly taking off your makeup every night, using tea tree oil on your lashes as needed, and replacing your mascara every January, April, July, and October to stay on track. Even if you have more product remaining, it is best practice to toss the mascara tube at the three-month mark.

Skincare - 12 months: With the type of packaging I use for my skincare line, there is no cross-contamination. I recommend if you use a cream that comes in a jar to use a Q-tip or spatula and avoid double dipping. If you are using the skincare as directed, you should finish a bottle or tube in about three months.

SPF in your Lotions and Foundations - 18 to 24 months: Generally speaking, SPF can last up to two-three years from the date it was produced. Since we do not use parabens in our products, the other ingredients in the package will expire before the SPF becomes inactive. You can assume from the production of raw ingredients, to the manufacturing process, Q&A holds, shipping lead times, distribution, time spent on the shelf, then into your hands, it could have taken up to six months. Keep this in mind if you do not see an expiration date.

Powder Products - 12 months: Powder products tend to last the longest. Since they don't contain water and typically are oil-free, they seem to last a lifetime! But this is not the case, and it is mostly due to cross-contamination. Always toss the powder products once you see shiny, waxy-type bumps on the product. This is hardened oil and bacteria from your face, most likely transferred during touch-ups. Once the powder product has hardened it makes it nearly impossible to lift the powder from the compact, so its newest home should become the trash can. Avoid using powder puffs that lay inside the compact over the powder. Use a powder brush instead so it is out of direct contact with the powder and wash brushes regularly. TIP: Make sure when applying powder always tap the powder onto the liquid base. If your foundation contains oil and you are buffing it on your face before setting it by tapping, you are pulling the oil off your face and ruining the powder in the compact.

Lip Products - up to 24 months: Normally with lip products you will know when it is time to replace them. The color, texture, and smell become obvious that something is off. Practice good hygiene by never sharing your lipstick with a friend and periodically spraying the lipstick bullet with alcohol and allowing it to dry for 30 seconds.


What? You didn't know? Yes, you are supposed to wash your makeup brushes the first Sunday of every month. Not sure how? Watch this updated BRUSH WASH TUTORIAL. Also, notice the new sleek face-lift of our Hydrating Brush Cleanser in the photo to the left. We wanted to modernize the packaging, without tweaking the perfected formula.

Washing brushes is essential to keep up with good hygiene. If you do not do so, you are collecting bacteria, oil, and possibly staph. And, if your brushes are out in the open, think of all the dust (and poop particles) that have landed on them in the bathroom.

They must be cleaned on a regularly to prevent spreading unwanted bacteria. This formula contains peppermint oil that that not only acts as an anti-bacterial but also leaves the brushes smelling fresh.


* Never soak your brushes. This will lead to a mildew smell after the water seeps into the brush at the base.

* Use one pump to clean 2-4 brushes in the palm of your hand.

* Dampen the brush and gently swirl in a circular motion. Watch as the water filled with makeup leaves the brush into the drain. It is shocking how much comes out.

* Repeat this process until the water runs clear from the brushes.

* Once the brush is clean, squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry on a towel. They should be dry by morning and look like a brand-new set.


While you are at it with organizing your beauty products and tools and getting those brushes clean, what about your hair? As of last year, we have been approved to sell KEVIN.MURPHY's hair care items in both our salon and online in our distribution area (9 states). As of this week, we got approval to sell online to all states!

We chose this line of products because of Kevin's love for skincare and the tagline for his hair products "Skincare for your Hair." He is big on recycling, protecting the environment, and protecting YOU, the consumer. His line, like ours, is PARABEN FREE, SULPHATE FREE, and CRUELTY FREE. We love that he is in line with what our brand believes in, but his products also ROCK!

In late 2020, KEVIN.MURPHY launched his SCALP.SPA collection. Of all the amazing products he has created, we thought these two were perfectly aligned to our SPRING CLEAN concept. Our hair and scalp naturally have build-up like the skin on our face, not to mention the styling products that tend to cling as well. The SCALP.SPA WASH is designed with Micellar Water and Celery Seed Extract to soothe and cleanse the scalp helping soothe irritation, leaving the hair feeling squeaky clean. The coconut oil also helps to relieve dryness and prevent future dryness. Its partner in crime is the oh-so-popular SCALP.SPA SCRUB. We can barely keep this one in stock because the results are so amazing and there isn't much out there like it. Imagine the EXFOLIATE Daily Mint Scrub from our brand, but for the hair. It uses perlite (volcanic rock) which is a natural sphere that’s designed to carefully exfoliate the scalp while protecting the integrity of the scalp and hair. It also contains Micellar Water containing Micelles. This gently attracts and dissolves impurities without stripping the scalp while removing excess and unwanted oil. It has a nice rich lather to it as well. After using this product, don't expect to be able to rinse all particles out right away. Follow up with your WASH and your RINSE. By then your hair will feel like it just left a day at the spa!

* Use this link to buy KEVIN.MURPHY in our district by clicking HERE (This includes the following states: TEXAS, MISSOURI, TENNESSEE, ARKANSAS, KANSAS, OKLAHOMA, MINNESOTA, IOWA, AND KENTUCKY)

* Use this link to buy KEVIN.MURPHY if you live in any of the 41 states not listed above by clicking HERE (shopping thru this link is not valid on the sale, but it is the only way to purchase KEVIN.MURPHY outside of our distribution area).

Make today, one year later, the day for another wipe down and toss out. We are here to help. As a reminder, we have the 15% OFF tonight through Sunday, April 4th at 11:59pm CST. We hope this motivates to get you back on track and we are rewarding you with a little discount to do so. Stock up now because the next sale won't be until our 10th anniversary in August 2021.

Click here now to shop Jentry Kelley Cosmetics SHOP NOW

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