Tradional VS Airbrush. How do I chose?

I get asked this question a lot, and I always give my honest opinion. I charge more for airbrush, and it makes sense I would push a more expensive service, right? Well, I don't. I am not a fan of the airbrush fad, and here is the best explination of why I think it has become so popular. I want to start by saying that makeup in an opinion, and everybody has a different one. This is mine :)

- It looks great in photos, but cakey in person. Also, it settles in fine lines.

- If you start to get oily, it breaks apart on the nose area. If you rub it, there is no correcting it

without starting over.

- It's difficult to acheive the dewy look with airbrush, since typically it is a flat, matte finish.

- Keep in mind when reading blogs where women rave about airbrush. Were they using drug

drug store brands, or high end department store lines prior to trying airbrush? Typically, if you

use good quality makeup and foundation, you aren't going to like it.

I actually started my own line of cosmetics with the intent to use it on brides for long-wearing application. My traditional liquid foundation lasts 12+ hours, and is sweat-proof and water-proof. It does NOT slide off the nose or break apart. It is oil-free and yet still has a luminous finish giving brides that coveted glow! Great for photography as well, and does not leave the skin with a chalky white finish in pictures.

Keep in mind, we can always do a trial before your wedding day. I can airbrush one side and then apply traditional makeup on the other. Then you will see why every bride chooses to do the traditonal makeup for their wedding day. You want to look flawless in your photos AND in person!



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